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The LNER Coach Association was formed in 1980 with the objectives of obtaining, restoring and operating a collection of ex-LNER and / or constituent companies vehicles. It also provides an umbrella organisation for members with privately owned LNER and / or constituent companies vehicles for eventual use on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

Latest News

Working weekend

If you can spare even a few hours, any help would be much appreciated. If possible, please let Murray Brown know in advance if you do plan to attend by email or phone (01733 578000).

Restoration Update

ECJS 189

As part of a major revamp of this site, the restoration of ECJS 189 will be recorded on a seperate blog, which will be updated by various people who are involved in the project. The first post to the blog has now been made, it can be found be clicking here

Gresley BTK 3669

3669 currently resides in the Atkins building, where it has been drying out, and then being revarnished and having other work such as painting the roof with Decadex completed. The bogie frames and wheelsets have now been refurbished and the bogies are ready for re-assembly, which will then release the accomodation bogies for use under TK 1623.

The refurbished bogie frames and wheelsets from BTK 3669, awaiting fitting of all the other components. In the background is the re-boarded workshop.


The workshop at Pickering has been receiving some attention - during the August Coach week, all of the old boarding and insulation was removed from the front of the building, and replaced with foil backed insulation and new boarding was fitted.

Thompson TK 1623

Thompson TK 1623 has now been removed from the Atkins building, and its place has been taken by BTK 3669, which has entered for revarnishing. The next major job which needs to be carried out on 1623 is the overhaul of the bogies, but before that work can be carried out, the bogies for 3669 need to be completed, so that it can go back on them, and the accomodation bogies which 3669 is currently using, can be put under 1623.

Scumbled 1623

TK 1623 outside for the first time in its completed paint scheme - photo: Marcus Woodcock

Website updated

The news on the website has been updated, and photos have been added to the gallery.

If you would like to be notified when this website is updated, please click here .

Restoration Appeal for ECJS 189 and Thompson CK 18477

For more than 30 years the LNER Coach Association, based on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway at Pickering, has specialised in the restoration of historic railway carriages. The results of its labours can be seen in the magnificent teak train that runs regularly on the railway. With the current restoration project of Thompson TK 1623, a corridor coach with 7 individual compartments, nearing completion, attention is now turning to the Association's next projects - restoration of its oldest coach - ECJS 189 and its newest coach - Thompson CK 18477.

For details of this appeal, please download the appeal leaflet here , or email our Fund Raising Officer here

On-line fund-raising schemes

We have just launched several new schemes to help raise restoration funds on-line for the LNER Carriage Association on-line, with just few extra clicks. The new on-line fund raising schemes consist of two web shopping portals and two search engine schemes, and by using these schemes you can help raise money for us, without it costing you a penny!

Shopping Portals

The two shopping portals are buy.at and easyfundraising.co.uk. If you shop on-line, using either of these portals, then for every purchase you make, we receive commission on that purchase, whilst you pay the same amount as you would have, if you had made the purchase direct!

On-line shops available through the Buy At scheme include Amazon, Asda, CD Wow, E.on, Hertz, Ikea, More Than, National Lottery, Premier Inn, and many more. The complete list of participating stores, and what commission they offer, can be viewed on the site. This scheme doesn't even require you to register, all you have to do is go to http://buy.at/lnerca , and start shopping!!

On-line shops available through the Easyfundraising scheme include AA Travel Insurance, Argos, Blockbuster, iTunes, More Than, The Trainline, Thomas Cook, WH Smiths and Wickes. The complete list of participating stores can be viewed here . To use this scheme, you do need to register first, a process that only takes a few minutes and can be done here .

Search Engine Schemes

The two search engine schemes are www.everyclick.com and www.easysearch.org.uk . These schemes work by the web company donating some of the money they receive from advertising fees, for each search that is completed using the search portal.

Please help us to restore our coaches by making an online donation



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