Vehicle Histories

The LNER Coach Association was formed in 1980 to preserve and restore ex-LNER coaches that would otherwise have been scrapped.

The oldest was built in 1894, the youngest in 1950,and many of them are dated from the ‘Golden Age of Steam’ in the1930’s, designed by the LNER’s famous Chief Engineer, Sir Nigel Gresley.

The first coach to be restored by LNERCA was Buffet Car 641, in 1994, and since then many more have followed.

Unfortunately after many years of public service on the railways, most of the coaches fell into disrepair as a result of neglect. Some were in such poor shape that they literally had to be totally re-built from the track upwards.

To learn more about each coach’s past history and their return to prime condition through the hard work of the LNERCA members, please click on the links below.

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